Free Webinar

Thriving vs Surviving as a family during challenging times

with Cherie Clark-Moore

Saturday, May 9th, 2020, 1PM - 2PM PDT (4PM - 5PM ET)

Find a healthier way to communicate and connect with your family members while adapting to changing circumstances.

What you will learn

During this 1-hour free webinar, Brain Education expert Cherie Clark-Moore will guide you toward healthier ways of interacting with your family from an energy perspective, so that everyone can thrive.  

Find out what’s been missing in your family communications, and myths that block you from understanding each other.  

Cherie will introduce you to the skills you need in order to accept and balance the different emotions and points of view that you and your family members may have.

The learning experience in this webinar will combine lecture, practical meditation and mind-body methods that you can easily apply in your daily life, including tips for better listening and understanding others, as well as meditation exercises to embrace yourself and others.




Understand yourself more deeply


Understand the different perspectives of each person in the relationship


Learn how self-acceptance and understanding can lead to healthier relationships


Experience how to express your emotions to your children and spouse in a healthy way


Learn how to be more open and loving

Date & Time

Saturday, May 9th from 1pm-2pm PDT (4PM - 5PM ET).

The webinar will include a short Q&A session where you can have your questions answered by Cherie.

About the Instructor

Cherie Clark-Moore has been a Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi instructor for 5 years and is currently the owner of Body & Brain Conroe, TX. Since becoming a parent to her twin girls (now 8 years old), she has recognized the importance of self-discovery and growth in creating a healthy, happy family. Prior to opening Body & Brain Conroe, she owned her own business as a parenting educator. Cherie and her daughters host a weekly Family Class on Body & Brain TV YouTube Channel focusing on yoga, meditation and brain exercises for the whole family.

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